10 Tips for a positive tweeting experience

Tweeting or posting is a popular way for sharing and interacting on a daily basis with people from around the globe. When setting off to gain your followers, try some of these tips to help you discover new friendships and relationships in social media.

  1. To gain followers on Twitter, follow other people first, each day.
  2. Share links directly only after you have made a connection or you may look like spam.
  3. Social Media platforms offer you opportunity, focus on your opportunities available.
  4. Don’t complain if people unfollow your time line, they have a right to follow or unfollow anyone.
  5. Activate your time line, sharing helps keep an active time line.
  6. Check your grammar before sharing.
  7. Go Local before Global, adding people from your own area can really help with starting up a small business.
  8. Get creative, share information that is Interesting and Beneficial.
  9. Pace yourself, Tweeting is fun but you also need to Exercise, Rest and Eat for a balanced life style.
  10. Relax and find enjoyment as you Tweet and share with new people in your social life.

Remember that there are real people on the end of your tweets and posts who are reading what you have to say. Make it as clear as you can, this will really help others to understand your perspective and ideas that you are sharing.

Climbers abstract acrylic painting
Climbers abstract acrylic painting

Learning to enjoy the Roses of life

Life is often really busy for most people. Learning how to take time out of each day to enjoy the passions and joys in your life is important.

As the saying goes, take time to smell the roses… this still makes sense, even for an old cliché. With out taking time to enjoy what you have already gained in life, it becomes difficult to learn now to navigate what direction you want to take forward.

Wonderful Yellow Roses
Wonderful Yellow Roses

Discover what it is you already enjoy, focus and realize that you have already achieved success. Success is the ability to find enjoyment in life, to achieve a certain goal, to reach out and gain the success you originally aimed for.

But do you take the time out in your day to enjoy what you have already gained? Are their roses in your garden that you walk past everyday and ignore? Roses being symbolic of your achievements in life. Achievements such as relationships, passions or material gains already a part of your own universe.

Pink Rose Flower
Pink Rose Flower

As you go forward in life, finding the balance to make you a happy person is just as important as setting off to achieve a major goal. Try making your goal to finding what makes you happy. You may find that your ability to move forward flows more freely and your level of peace increases dramatically.

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