When people judge others they miss out on the beauty of connectivity.

Unity Tree abstract watercolor

Unity Tree is a large painting of mine, created with Watercolour and Gauche Paint on heavy paper.

It represents many things to many people, but for me it represented the protective connection of the heart of the tree.

Love and unity, with all leaves the same color no matter what size or shape they are.

When people judge others by their shade of skin, they miss out on the beauty of connectivity.

I seldom paint a straight line, life isn’t a straight line, it is full of curves and hurdles, unseen bumps in the road, and can even appear as if you are just going around in circles.

It is important to remember in life, that you create and enjoy the moments it gives you. Wasting time on negative energy only robs you of the enjoyments of life that surrounds us all.

Many times I will use a black or dark background in my work, as I see our universe surrounding us, the planet we live on is like a bright light in the sky.

Colour is my favorite thing in the world, how could I not help myself but love every shade of human ever created.

There are plenty of reasons not to like someone, any shade of person or any type of culture or religion can have nasty people.

But to simply not like a human being for the color of their skin makes it appear as if you are lost in the dark.


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