Tips about blogs and micro blogs

Current technology now allows for us to blog in many different ways. Traditional blogs and Micro blogs can offer opportunity to share about yourself and your interests.

Blogs are not a forum for direct sales, but should be informative and interesting content to those who took the time to read what is shared.

When micro blogging, sharing a few words about what you have to say along with a link to more information is popular.

A micro blog can also be a blog, content that is only shared in micro blogging spaces like Twitter.

These are forms of short statements, images, videos and words that impact what is happening with those who are posting.

Tips about blogs and micro blogs

Art, Poetry, Haiku, Music, Videos, News and Information are just a few areas that often use micro blogging spaces to larger groups and networks of global individuals.

People are drawn to what you have to say and share, the more honest and personable you are with others, the more likely they will be drawn to you.

Fake approaches to meeting others such as automated greeting bots are not as genuine or as effective as the real you.

Start with what you know, share what are comfortable with about your views and insights on the topic.

Blogging on your own site or web space is a great way to share more detailed and informative content.

A website that is paid for can be the beginning of a small business.

For example:

Share about topics you are knowledgeable on, sell books, apps or items that are also about the topic.

Your readers have enjoyed reading what you have said, and may want to take the next step by investing in who you are with the purchase of an item or product.

This type of blogging offers your readers an opportunity to not only connect with you socially but materially as well.

Blogs do not have to be about selling anything at all, they can simply be for sharing information that is important or informative, educational and helpful.

Organizations from around the world use blogs to share updates and important information regarding global events.

Whatever your blogging ideas and goals are, it is an enjoyable way to spend time.



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