The importance of a family and those we consider family

One and One makes Three abstract acrylic

The importance of a family or those we consider family is what this painting is about. The warmth and closeness we all feel with the people we connect with on planet earth.

It is also important to remember that just because you were born into a family, the ones you consider true family to you in life may not be blood related. Relatives are the people who usually connect with us in this way, as we are all from the same parents or grandparents etc., but not always the case.

Many people find they have a stronger connection to new souls they meet and they create that same type of trust, love and bond that often comes with being part of a family.

I painted this painting with those very people in mind, that although we may not have all started out in the same family, we certainly have had the same type of relationships. Through out my life I have developed new family with several other souls. They are just as special and when they passed, hurt just as much. We love who we love in life, and the heart can not be deceived.


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