Sit back and just let the creativity flow

Today I started a new piece of art, it was a nice treat to sit back and just let the creativity flow. Taking myself on a journey to a new world, where life is exactly what you want to see. This is one of the most relaxing ways to spend a few hours of time.

My project began with a pencil and a 9 x 12″ sheet of heavy paper. For some reason I saw this cute and slightly plump green elf smiling as he stood there on a tree limb picking red berries. All of a sudden the green trees and leaves against the red berries jumped out and grabbed my attention for the rest of the day. Before long I had painted in details and color, added a spear for his protection, colorful deep woods to explore, developing a beautiful mysterious alternative reality.

It was great fun, and a wonderful way to spend my day.

I recommend allowing paint to take you on a journey as one of the best ways to relax and enjoy your moments.

As the piece has been turning out well, I’ve decided to continue working on it for a few more sessions, and bring out more of the magical aspects that await to be found during my next day off.


Here it is ‘Green Forest Fairy’ acrylic on paper 9 x 12″ the colors are very vibrant on the original, and shows the colors fairly close in this image

Green Forest Fairy

A few days ago I began a small painting on a sheet of paper as a way to unwind and enjoy some creative time. The process was a lot of fun and I had posted previously on how I found it a great way to relax.

The painting is finished and I wanted to share it with my followers and encourage anyone to just relax by trying out acrylic or any type of water based paint on paper.

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