Ravens are symbolic beings often painted in various forms through out history

The Messenger surreal watercolor

The Messenger is a very symbolic being that is often painted in various forms through out history. In this painting I saw a beautiful raven peacefully sitting on top of a large rock. The colors of the wings reflect the shade of the setting sun.

There are historical beliefs among many cultures that the raven is seen as the Creator. Real ravens are quite intelligent and have been known to understand up to 17 or more words. Their intelligence is probably why many cultures believed that they were more than just beautiful birds.

Some scientists have even thought they could even be as smart as dogs.

However you see ravens, this one was how I saw them to be. Peaceful creatures that are part of the universe, just as we all are.

I felt that the bird here was delivering a message to someone or something on the planet. Perched and resting before the journey ahead to deliver the message.


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