Learning How to Draw – Drawing Lesson

Learning How to Draw – Drawing Lesson

Drawing is the beginning to almost all paintings and designs.

Learning how to draw helps you understand the structure of a painting. It also helps teach you perspective and contrast lighting.

Most people can learn how to draw, but it is a process like any such as learning how to read and write, it takes time, effort and consistency. However, effort goes far in developing your drawing skill, the more you draw the better you become.

Materials you will need to begin a graphite or pencil drawing are a pencil, paper, and an eraser. Along with your materials, you will also need an object to draw. This can be anything from an apple, orange, coffee mug, or something around that size. Beginning with a still life drawing of an object, is one of the easier ways to develop your perspective.

Once you have your materials and selected object, it is important to find a comfortable space to relax and develop your drawing skill. Kitchen tables work well, desks, or a flat board that you can rest on your lap as you are drawing. Your paper will need to lay flat on that surface.

After you have situated yourself with materials, place your object on a tabletop or flat surface about 3 – 5 feet from you. Study the object with your eyes, then draw the outer dimensions of the object first.

Look back and forth from the object to your paper, and continue to draw the out side of the object, then fill in the details of the object second.

This way of developing your drawing skills has proven very helpful in teaching your eyes how to see and perceive the objects.  You are creating a dimension on paper, with a flat pencil and a flat paper, the shadows and details will help to make the object ‘pop’ as if it were dimensional.

Continue to draw daily for several weeks, you will see an improvement over time. Do not toss away your original first drawings, this will help you see for yourself the development of your skill.

After you have developed your skill, try finding a small canvas and using paint to bring color into your creations.


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