Indoor gardening tips and ideas

Growing a food source indoors is fast becoming popular with the sudden and unpredictable changes in weather.  Learning how to grow a successful plant that is edible may take a few tries, but there are many resources available on the internet that share about indoor growing.

Research a vegetable or plant that is edible such as herbs or simple foods like lettuce and find out how to grow indoors.  Make a space near a window for the best sun exposure and create a small indoor garden space.

There are many ways to grow in a small space, such as vertical gardening or placing plants into pots in various places through out your home.  Many people grow their favorite herbs indoors on a window sill in a planter called a ‘window box’.  Indoor gardening tips and ideas

Try your hand at growing oregano for example, it is a wonderful herb and used in tomato sauces for pasta or pizza.

Experiment with your talent as your success develops, learn how to grow more challenging foods indoors such as a cucumber or zucchini plant.

Nest acrylic painting
Nest acrylic painting

Indoor growing may require additional lighting but check with your local garden shop for suggestions.  Once you have mastered the art of indoor growing, you can garden anywhere, anytime.

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