How to create an Abstract Ink Drawing

Exploring your creative side can be as simple as creating an ink or pencil drawing. Some once called it ‘doodling’ in the past but it is still popular and a great way to develop your skill level in drawing.

You will need a pen or pencil and some type of paper. The paper can be reusable for doodling or drawing.

Abstract drawing is a wonderful way to express what you have in mind with out worrying about the rules of line.

Allow yourself freedom to explore where your drawing tool is taking you, see what develops as you study how the piece is turning out.

Save your best work and keep them in a small folder. After a year or so see how much you have improved in your drawing skill level.

Another idea for doodling or creating with ink and pencil is to frame your work after you have created a piece that really connects with you.

Hang it on your wall as a reminder to take time out from your busy life and enjoy a bit of creativity.

How to create an Abstract Ink Drawing

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