Contrasting moments of colour in time

Evening Set abstract oil painting
Evening Set abstract oil painting

This painting is a small but flowing piece. The sun sets as a brilliant crimson sky unfolds across the dark valley below. Contrasting moments of colour in time. It is a reflection on the surreality of life.

Shades of grey always find their way into what seems sold in direction and space. The light is never pure white but many variations of whites and pink, moving up into the bright orange, pink and crimson sky.

In life we often have many variations of our perspectives for different situations we find ourselves in. Those moments can seem confusing and a challenge to find clarity for particular decisions or choices to be made.

There is always a way to find the best directions for yourself to take, it appears when you quiet your spirit and listen to what your instincts are telling you. This is what I have found works best for me, so with these ideas in mind, I painted this surreal abstract of rolling hills against the crimson skyline.


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