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Tips for a positive tweeting experience

Tweeting or posting is a popular way for sharing and interacting on a daily basis with people from around the globe. When setting off to gain your followers, try some of these tips to help you discover new friendships and relationships in social media.

  1. To gain followers on Twitter, follow other people first, each day.
  2. Share links directly only after you have made a connection or you may look like spam.
  3. Social Media platforms offer you opportunity, focus on your opportunities available.
  4. Don’t complain if people unfollow your time line, they have a right to follow or unfollow anyone.
  5. Activate your time line, sharing helps keep an active time line.
  6. Check your grammar before sharing.
  7. Go Local before Global, adding people from your own area can really help with starting up a small business.
  8. Get creative, share information that is Interesting and Beneficial.
  9. Pace yourself, Tweeting is fun but you also need to Exercise, Rest and Eat for a balanced life style.
  10. Relax and find enjoyment as you Tweet and share with new people in your social life.

Remember that there are real people on the end of your tweets and posts who are reading what you have to say. Make it as clear as you can, this will really help others to understand your perspective and ideas that you are sharing.

Climbers abstract acrylic painting

Working from the home office!

Many people today have a unique experience in the ability to work from a home office.

When you are working from your home, there are many daily temptations surrounding you to get you off your game.

These are a few tips in what creates a rewarding work day in the home office:

  • Keep a regular schedule, set a start and stop time for your work day, otherwise you may end up spending either too little or too much time working.
  • Set aside a space for your work, create an office area that is strictly designated for the times that you are working.
  • Tell your family, friends or room mates that you are working during the times you have set out. Ask them to please leave you alone, so that you can focus on your work.
  • Hard work pays off, do not take the lazy way out, it is easy to develop negative habits when working at home.  Do not let your work lack just because your environment is at home.
  • Get dressed, wash up and get out of those pajamas! It is important to treat working just as you would any other office. Your attitude will be far more positive.
  • Take small breaks every hour or so and move your body. A small exercise program, perhaps a 5 min walk or some stretches can do wonders for your overall health.
  • Evaluate your income generated versus the amount of time you are investing. This is especially important if you are in or starting up your own small business.
  • Enjoy your day, listen to your favorite music, surround yourself with images, art, and other positives that you can line up your vision and hearing with.

Taking some positive steps to working in a Home Office is an excellent way to increase productivity and growth in your work.

Tiny Homes, a home tech revolution?

Over the past couple of years, I have noticed an increase in the concepts surrounding Tiny or Smaller homes that are less than 300 square feet, more or less.

They are created out of all forms of materials and seem to be movable to almost any location.

Is the new little home now a part of a developing tech revolution?

I often think, if the tiny or small movable home is totally self sustaining and ‘off the grid’ there could be significant changes to where and how we all live.

From my recent studies, it would appear that the only down side to a small movable home is location.

There are many new avenues that appear to be opening up for those wanting to create their home on wheels.

RV parks and some farming areas are now considering leasing lands to the tiny home owner.

Still there did seem to be a lack of business development for those who want to create their own home.

Not everyone who can afford to make a nice looking movable tiny home will be able to purchase the land to place it on.

However, in future more and more land will most likely be made available for lease.

If land owners who are in the leasing business could look down the road a little way and consider the positive impact and benefits of leasing spaces to tiny home owners, they might find some unrealized revenue opportunities.

If you could build your dream home on wheels and create it to be self sustainable, would you?

Think of the opportunities that would be made available to you if you were able to do so.

Save money, reduce your carbon footprint, live in an environment of your choosing, developing new relationships with in tiny home communities.

Overall, it seems like the tiny or smaller dwellings that are movable or even if permanent and left in their spaces are just a great idea.

Downsizing is a freeing experience, it offers you the chance to lighten your load and discover an entirely different way of living life.




The visual evolution of tech gadgets

Mind Tweet watercolour painting
Mind Tweet watercolour painting created by @Gemstars

With all of the newest, coolest and latest gadgets available on the technological market today, finding a screen large enough to see can be a challenge for many people.

Smart phones seem to be developing into even smaller sizes, leaving a portion of society challenged to see or use worn fingers to touch what is on a smaller screen. Holding a small pen, equally as challenging.

There is a younger generation combined with an older pre-computer generation that is merging together into the future of technology.

As technology continues to evolve, devices with a large viewing area will be needed by many people who have difficulty seeing smaller view screens.

Traditional or older style gadgets and devices could become a demand by desktop users and may work best for those with difficulty using smaller devices. It is not just about the size of the font, it is also about the ability to press the buttons.

Individuals whose fingers are no longer able to press tiny buttons on a smart phone will find it easier to remain with their personal computer at home or the office.

These older style Systems provide larger screens for viewing, and a keyboard for easier visibility and functionality.

Smaller gadgets may trend today but a place for the personal PC, laptop and larger screened gadgets may always be demand.

Human connections in social media!

Social media platforms and many connective web spaces have become a great way to make new friends and develop new relationships.

We, as humans, often have a need to connect with each other in physical, emotional and spiritual ways.

Most humans on the planet share similar principals such as a healthy planet, respect for humans and nature, love for one another and kindness.

One of our largest common grounds is love, love being a powerful force in our universe. Love can warm the coldest heart and heal the deepest of wounds.

It is time to look at the world we live in with a new perspective and unite the common grounds that many of us share.

Discovering common ground together can be a very exciting time in today’s human connections.

Through our connections we speed our ability to find solutions for troubling areas.

Finding new solutions and developing new concepts will create a brighter road in our future.

Human connections will always be an important part of our growth as a species.

It is through our connections in the past that has brought us to where we are now.

There are many ways to connect to another person in today’s technology world.

If you are serious about making a new relationship happen in your life, reach out and begin the journey towards finding someone new and interesting.

Take time to get to know that person, start the conversation, sometimes it is easier to be the one who develops the initial conversation, rather then being the one who waits for someone else to start it.

If you take it to the next step, don’t be surprised if things actually start to work out.

Meet up in a public space and enjoy the company and conversations that flourish.

Often times, the ones we talk to most in our social media spaces, end up being very similar and easy to talk to when meeting in person.

If you can’t travel far then try to make your social media friendships local.

Focus on finding people close to you instead of far apart.

Do a bit of research on-line and see what is available to you through meeting spaces and possible events that you can participate in.

Making a Human Connection is not that difficult, but the rewards are amazing and you will enjoy the benefits of knowing new people and perhaps a new romance will have a chance to begin.