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What is a Soul Mate?

Over the years we often hear the term ‘soul mate’ as if someone was to suddenly join your soul and the two of you become mates for life.

This is a term that applies to many types of relationships.  People often refer to another person they become close to as their ‘soul mate’ such as a best friend.

Others find that the use of the word best describes a romantic relationship that they are either involved in or would like to be.

Generally the two people involved seem extremely connected to each other.

Business relationships can also use the term soul mate for a ‘good fit’ into their enterprise or developments.

Connections happen for many reasons, having a soul mate in life is highly possible for many people.

Sharing in a Soul Mate relationship is a type of connection incomparable to any other connective relationship that one has in their life.

People can have more than one Soul Mate in their life, and they are not all romantic relationships, often they are friendships.

These are not necessarily male and female, as males and females can also have these types of connections with the same sex.

Not all connections exist in person, there are new types of connections as social media and on line options develop further, for meeting new people.

Sometimes the connection remains only in the on line environment, but the connection is very real.

When you begin to trust in that connection, you open the doors to sharing more about each other and discovering more about what you have in common.

In summary, a Soul Mate is a wonderful magical word that describes special connections that happen between unique and amazing people.

Have you met your Soul Mate? 🙂


Tips on dealing with negative people

Unfortunately there are those who seem to have a grudge on others no matter what the situation.

Avoiding the types of personality and individuals that bring you down in life is a strong recommendation.

These are just a few helpful tips for dealing with negative people, for best results block and ignore negativity whenever possible.

How to deal with negative People

Love versus Hate

The importance of a family and those we consider family

One and One makes Three abstract acrylic

The importance of a family and those we consider family is what this painting is about. The warmth and closeness we all feel with the people we connect with on planet earth.

It is also important to remember that just because you were born into a family, the ones you consider true family to you in life may not be blood related.

Relatives are the people who usually connect with us in this way, as we are all from the same parents or grandparents etc., but not always the case.

Many people find they have a stronger connection to new souls they meet and they create that same type of trust, love and bond that often comes with being part of a family.

I painted this painting with those very people in mind, that although we may not have all started out in the same family, we certainly have had the same type of relationships.

Through out my life I have developed new family with several other souls. They are just as special and when they passed, hurt just as much.

We love who we love in life, and the heart can not be deceived.

Tips on how to develop new friendships!

Developing a new friendship or relationship is an important life step. These are just a few tips that might help you on that journey. Reaching out to a new person is often the very best way to create a new relationship.

If you are finding it difficult in making new friendships or finding new people try joining a local group or activity to interact and mingle with new people. Allow yourself a bit of time for this new endeavor as it may take awhile for your friendships to develop.

How to make new Friendships