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Learn How to Draw


Learning how to Draw – Brief Drawing Lesson

Drawing is the beginning to almost all paintings and designs.

Learning how to draw helps you understand the structure of a painting.

It also helps teach you perspective and contrast lighting.

Most people can learn how to draw, it is a process like any other that we learn.

Processes such as learning how to read and write, in learning to draw, this process also takes time.

Not only does it take time, it takes effort and consistency to develop your skill levels.

The more you draw, the better you will get at it.

Materials you will need to begin a graphite or pencil drawing:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Object for drawing ( apple, orange, mug or similar in size)

To begin, start by learning how to draw a still life drawing.  This is where you create a drawing of the object that you have selected.

Once you have all of your materials gathered, find a comfortable space that is relaxing and allows you an opportunity to focus.

Kitchen tables work well, as do desks or flat boards that you can hold.

Lay your paper onto your flat area and place the object a small distance from you so that you are easily able to focus and see the outside shape and details of the object.

When you focus on the object, study the outside perimeters of the object and select a starting point. Scanning back and forth from eye to object, use your pencil and draw the outside only of the object.

Once you have developed the outer edges of the object begin to fill in the details of the inside of your drawing of the object.

This is one way that I found works well in developing your eye’s ability to see and perceive objects.

The drawing you are creating gives the illusion of dimension on paper. As you develop your skill, learning to add light and shadow into your drawing, will enhance the visual aspects of your drawing.

Drawing on a daily or weekly basis is one of the only ways to increase your skill level. Even though you are working on creating a new hobby, learning to draw is also a relaxing way to spend time.

Continue to draw for several weeks and you may see a large improvement in your work.

Keep all the original drawings that you began with for comparison at a later date.  You will be amazed at the way your skill level improves.

Once you feel that your abilities in drawing have increased and you are relatively comfortable with how your work is doing, try painting.

Graphite works well for drawing out paintings on a canvas, as well as for watercolor or acrylic painting on paper.

Drawing with graphite is often a preliminary to creating a painting.

Many artists have pursued careers with their drawings, selling them at markets, local exhibits and online.

Types of pencils that seem to work best are B or an HB pencil, this is a versatile tool and can deliver many shades of gray to the paper or surface that it is used on.

There are many types of styles in drawing from abstract to realistic, a drawing does not need to be standard in any form, and some artists find using a mix of drawing  and  painting creates amazing pieces of art.

If you are interested in learning how to draw, now is a great time to begin.




Developing new ways to do things is sometimes the best option for many aspects of life.

Abstracted Northern Lights
Abstracted Northern Lights oil painting created by @Gemstars

Over the past few years I have been working on a new way to create small paintings.  People seem to be downsizing and moving into smaller and smaller homes, offices and buildings.  After dragging around a room full of paintings in boxes, I decided to only focus on painting smaller and smaller paintings.  This was more difficult than I had anticipated, and took much longer then I ever dreamed.  In a sense, it was like learning to paint all over again, as brush strokes are different, as well as types of textures that work best.

I painted the ‘Abstracted Northern Lights’ in oil on a small piece of canvas paper.  This held the oil well, and works best for presentation. As the painting will not be stretched over wood, the surface needed to hold its own strength.  The Northern Lights are bounding off the dark hills that surround the land like sunbeams into the night sky.

The painting is about 2 x 3 inches, slightly smaller than what is shown here.  Developing new ways to do things is sometimes the best option for many aspects of life.

Sometimes we cling to the old way of doing things because it is familiar to us, not necessarily always a good choice.  When we reach into our bag of options, which we often overlook, there is usually something peering out but ignored.

Trying something new can help develop that skill, it might be something you have never even consider in the past.  Now is always a great time to give another perspective a chance.  Its not always easy to take that first step into the unknown, in fact, it is often very scary.  But with out taking that step, there is no other way to find something new.

This little painting took a very long journey to arrive, and I am glad that I allowed the time to let it unfold.

Taking time to develop a new skill, explore new concepts and ideas is one of the most amazing ways to increase your knowledge and understanding of life.

Trying something new is a great way to develop your own likes and dislikes, there is no age limit on trying something new.

If not now, when?


Featured Artwork: The Gathering watercolour painting

The Gathering watercolour painting

The seeds of human life and nature blending together, on planet earth.

Darkness of space surrounding us all, as we merge together in a universe that we can see only glimpses of.

Time and space is an illusion, as we gather into her hands, we are all one.

This abstract was created a few years ago, it is a small painting with a big message.

Created by visual fine artist Gemstars