Recipe: Chicken and Leek Soup

Chicken and Leeks go well together in this delicious soup, it is easy to make, takes a little time to cook but the taste of it is well worth your efforts. Put everything into one pot and keep it on simmer for a few hours. The smells will fill your home and make your mouth water. Amazing all year round but especially good on a cold and wintry day. For larger portions, simply double the recipe and invite friends and family along to share in a wonderful meal together.

Chicken and Leek Soup

2 cups diced chicken(uncooked)
1 dozen leeks chopped
1/cup of rice
8 cups of water
Salt and pepper to taste

In one large pot add all ingredients and simmer on low heat for around 3 hours. Add the salt and pepper for flavour. Must refrigerate unused portions or freeze if preferred. Heat thoroughly before reserving. Goes well with freshly baked bread.

Green Onions abstract watercolour painting created by @Gemstars
Green Onions abstract watercolour painting created by @Gemstars