Each person you connect with brings a special energy!

Three abstract watercolor
Three abstract watercolor

When 2 energy connections join, it creates a 3rd energy, a new energy that only exists because of the original connection of 2. It doesn’t matter what types of 2 connect it can be in relationships, business, and life in general. At least that is how I see our universe, always connecting 2 in order to create the 3rd.

The new connection energy (or 3rd energy) only exists because of the Two connections. It is special and its formation is untouchable by any other type of energy.

For example, you have a connection with one person, that in itself created the ‘relationship’, it is a special and an untouchable energy as it exists on its own. This happened only between the original two people who had connected, thus creating the 3rd connection or 3rd energy/entity.

Each person that you connect with brings a special and untouchable connected energy, separate from all other connections or relationships that you may have with other people.

If you create a business deal between 2 businesses, or ‘merge’ 2 businesses, it creates a new business, a union or blend of both originating businesses.

In Social Media we make many connections, creating many bursts of new energy or 3rd energies that are all special and unique in their own way, even if they are small connections.

A connection can be of any significance that each being or entity selects it to be. This painting represents the connection of 2 in order to create the 3rd. The painting is large and was created with watercolour paint on heavy paper. (Another connection blend between the element of water and pigment)

All connections are special in their own way, they are not touchable, as in love, it transcends all time and issues that life brings our way.

It is a simple philosophy of life that I view and share with others, that I connect with.