Black Whales of the Sea

Orcas in a Row watercolour painting
Orcas in a Row watercolour painting

Whales are a part of the sea that always amaze me. They swim in the depths of the water seeing and experiencing a world that is a complete mystery to those of us living above on land. I was raised on the west coast of Canada where seeing whales at the local zoo, or, if lucky enough, while out on a boating trip were treasured events.

I have visited other areas where whales had been trained to do tricks but it seemed wrong to lock up such a massive species. They do not do well if they are separated from their family group and often remain as a family all through their lives, traveling together and enjoying their life together.

In my mind I always picture them doing best when left alone in their natural environment, where they can explore and dwell freely all of their lives.

This is a small painting that I had created several years ago, it is a watercolour on paper. It was to remind those who see it that, nature does best and remains healthiest when it is left alone.